Saturday, July 11, 2009

How much can your blog earn for you?

Almost blogger that starts a blog with the sole purpose of earning a full time income by blogging. Inspired by so many success stories of bloggers like John Chow and Shoe Money, I too jumped the wagon about 4 years ago. But my income by blogging is no where near the earnings of bloggers that I wanted to emulate.


Do I lack the initiative? NO
Do I lack the technical knowledge? YES
Do I lack the persistence? YES

It is a known fact that traffic is lone criteria for income. But in order to increase traffic, I should know what is my present blog traffic. Only then I will be able to work on my blog to increase visitors.

Here is the most important web traffic tool that bloggers should seriously look into. Tail Report surveys your blog traffic and rank and compares the statistics with blogs of similar niche and gives you a report on how much can your blog ear for you.

How it works?
Webmasters take a short survey about their traffic and ranking and in return Tail Report gives an anlutical report that shows how their site’s revenue does against other sites similar in traffic/ranking. Also, Tail Report tells you how much your blog needs to grow to meet your income gals.

It is an interesting exercise for webmasters and bloggers who have set themselves big income goals by blogging.
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