Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7 days to freedom form acne.

Your nose may like some fragrances but not your skin. Ask any dermatologist about this and he will definitely agree. Of course there are exceptions; some fragrance may not cause skin reactions leading to acne. But, invariably, perfumes are the major cause for pimples.

While most of the acne products are effective in curing acne, they take more than a month to give you a blemish less face. There is a particular acne product called 7 day acne Detox that I recently read in a review website of acne products.

This product is said to contain a few new ingredients that are helpful in quickly curing the annoying pimples.

In particular, the rather relatively unknown herb called Witch Hazel is used in the formulation of 7 day acne Detox. Witch Hazel leaf is a strong astringent that fights acne.

Useful tip:
To avoid eruption of pimples in and around your mouth, try using lip gloss with lesser shine.
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