Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Which is the best anti wrinkle cream?

I was about to get married when a beautician advised me to buy an anti wrinkle cream, just in case if I needed it. I laughed at her suggestion at that time because I was too young to worry about wrinkles.

I also had some misgivings about the effectiveness of anti wrinkle cream. I wonder how a paste made up of a some chemicals can iron out the wrinkles caused by natural aging of skin.

But that was nearly 25 years ago. Yes, I will be celebrating my twenty fifth wedding anniversary next year.

Today, though I don’t need anti wrinkle creams, I understand that they are now made up of natural fruits and vegetable oils such as noni, aloe Vera and goji.

But again, almost all the manufacturers of anti wrinkle cream claim to manufacture organic products. So, how to choose the best among them? is a website that rates and publishes the top anti wrinkle creams. It is a useful site for those looking to compare and buy anti wrinkle cream.

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