Thursday, October 15, 2009

Myrtle beach for a change.

Just when I was about to change my travel itinerary for Myrtle Beach, I received this email from my relative living in the U.S.
“Mala, shall I go ahead with the booking of Myrtle beach vacation rentals for your family during Christmas holidays? Please bear it in your mind that once booked on the dates you specify, I cannot change it later due to non-availability”
Knowing my preferences, my relative suggested Myrtle Beach for a four day holiday. North Myrtle beach condos are rather quiet when compared to other suggestions of the World Wide Web.
My husband wanted to have a last splash in Myrtle beaches and he is eagerly looking forward to some of the water sports.
Huntington Beach state park is a strong recommendation for my husband’s bird watching interest and this park is not far away from the Myrtle Beach vacation rentals that my relative is reserving for us.

Now my last dilemma is whether to opt for a condo or a beach side cottage in Myrtle Beach.

What is your suggestion?
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