Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The other side of life insurance rates.

Even though I have a long relationship my life insurance agent, the questions I asked this time when he came up with a new proposal, put him off guard. He simply was not prepared to face my newly gain insight on several aspects of life insurance that include life insurance rates, how they are determined, the actual cost to the insurance provider, why life insurance companies borrow and how underwriters extend financial assistance to insurance companies etc.

He hesitated a lot in answering my questions which indicated his lack of knowledge on he subject. He admitted that insurance sales men need not possess such in-depth information as their area of expertise involves only in selling the insurance policy and answering questions related to the policies alone.

But I don’t agree with his views because who then will answer my questions. After all, some one has to!

The life insurance rates quoted by various online insurance agents act as guidance only; the other factors that I wanted to know may also be more important.
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