Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New flushing technology in bathroom sinks.

We pick up wonderful ideas unexpectedly while reading a magazine or looking around without any specific purpose, or hearing conversation in the local diner-right?

Such ideas might be inspiring to start a business or can save us money for an intended shopping. Several times, I picked up great gifting ideas. That is how I bought a Toto sink and gave it to my brother as a gift. Though it is an odd gift, my brother appreciated my thoughtful gesture.

It was while refreshing myself at a wayside public convenience that I noticed the cleanliness of the bathroom and its accessories. I went up to the caretaker of the place and gathered some information on the sink especially that looked stylish to me and the flush was sparkling clean.

I learnt that it is a product of Toto that comes with two nozzles while the traditional bathroom sinks flushes through the holes in the rim.

Such bathroom accessories give even ordinary bathrooms a rich look.
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