Saturday, December 05, 2009

The weight loss pill recommended by dieticians.

My friend asked me to go over his office for a few minutes. Since, his office is just a couple of blocks away, I decided to walk. When I entered his cabin, I saw him pouring over what looked like brochure.

Without talking, he shoved over the printed material to me. It was about several natural foods that include garlic, flaxseed and barley among other things.

Before I complete my reading, my friend told me that they are all included in his daily food but still, why he is advised by his wife (a dietician) to take Lipovox, one of the most recommended effective weight loss pills in the market today.

I saw his reasoning and proceeded to complete my reading of the brochure. But I could not answer his question.

Finally, I just told him to heed to his wifely advice because, after all, Lipovox is a proven diet pill. I suppose all the ingredients in the form a pill work faster.
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