Friday, January 15, 2010

Affordable Miami hotel in South Beach.

Generally speaking, the price range for a two nights stay in a Miami hotel in the South Beach locality is expensive for most of the travelers from Asia. The minimum rate per day will start from $60 and of course for that price, one can expect to enjoy 3 star luxuries.

My son, a software engineer, is expected to go to Miami in another ten days. He booked his accommodation in Majestic Hotel South Beach. It is located on the Ocean Drive, one of the most crowded places in Miami South Beach area.

The South Beach area is the most preferred place for tourists to Miami because of its proximity to the glorious and world famous Miami Beach. And the night life activities in and around the South Beach are said to be exciting.

One of my Twitter contacts has kindly offered to be my son’s guide in Miami though I doubt very much whether my son will have any free time for sight seeing.

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