Friday, January 15, 2010

Some things work better in the night.

Not many women are aware of this scientific fact: “Our skin is more open for repair only during the night when our entire body undergoes rejuvenation.” That is why, in the olden days, our grandmas advise us to apply a home made paste to apply on our face and arms before retiring to bed.

Are there any special ingredients that we have to be aware of while looking for the best night cream?

Opinion differs but I would look for organic night cream that is any time better than chemical based anti aging creams.

There are plenty of organic night creams in the market and one can search the internet for their reviews. Yes, this takes time and still one can’t decide based on the reviews-right?

So, how to choose the best night cream?

If I were you, I would buy a night cream that takes time to yield results. I will never try to speed up the healing process.

This Amanda Bynes. Isn't she stunning?
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