Tuesday, February 23, 2010

AdSense ready Wordpress themes cannot serve the purpose.

I wonder why people use the so called, "Adsense ready Wordpress themes'! What is so special in them? In fact, they look pretty ordinary when compared to templates I am seeing at hell of a lot of places.

I firmly believe adsense ready Wordpress Themes cannot increase your adsense clicks.

AdSense is a hot topic always. We all read adsense related discussion that are ubiquitous. Everyone is voicing opinion about placement of Google ads, layout of then, color combination are essential in increasing Adsense income.

Everyone is so oblivious about the quality of Google ads that plays the vital part in enticing a click. The title and those two sentences in a Google ad is the sole deciding factor for AdSense income.

A Google ad may lead to a very valuable product or great information but it is the quality of the copywriting that decides the fate of clicks.

If AdSense publishers stop spending time in experimenting with the placement of Google AdSense ads and volunteer to write adwords for advertisers, they will be helping both the parties.

Let me be the first to offer my adwords writing services. Advertisers on Google may please contact with their requirements. Pay me only if you are satisfied with my work.
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