Monday, February 15, 2010

How to cure baby eczema in 7 days?

Yes, babies too are affected by eczema but unfortunately, parents don’t recognize it as eczema. Are you with me? I am sure you might have come across such a case in your life or might have heard about it through your relatives or friends.

Baby eczema is called cradle cap though it has nothing to do with the cradle in which the baby is put to sleep.

I had to face with this misfortune when my husband first spotted the patchy skin on our son’s scalp when the infant was 13 months old. I was shaken when the patch grew larger.

The doctors from the small town where I delivered my baby could not throw more light on the skin disorder.

My mother-in-law, who surprisingly showed no signs of fear, treated the baby eczema with some home made shampoo. The eczema was cured in 7 days.

I recall all these when I happened to read an in depth information about baby eczema in The article is exceptionally written and it is very educative.

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