Monday, March 22, 2010

Chennai Bloggers Meet.

The Chennai Bloggers Meet organized by and sponsored by Univercell Communications was held in posh place called GRT Convention Center in Madras.

Here my observations:
* Renie Revin and Anwyn Joselyn of efficiently managed the show without any issues.
* The get together part was arranged in a different manner that encouraged the participant to mingle and start conversing freely.
* I appreciated the ZEE TV Tamil editor Balabarathy's speech in Tamil. He motivated the blogger to speak up in their blog about all socio-economic issues that affected the community. (Sure sir, but who will read?)
*Had there been a question and answer session on blog monetization, blog promotion etc, I would have made some useful contribution. I have so much to pass on.
*A young girl asked about how to attract advertisers but sadly she didn't get satisfactory replies. During the break, I approached her to offer some useful tips but she politely excused herself.
*Before the meet, I randomly visited some of the blogs and I recognized Srivalli who has a nice recipe blog.
*I failed to spot Tulasi whose Tamil blog துளசி தளம் impressed me very much. Her latest post "சும்மா சுத்தினபோது கண்ணில் பட்டவை" -அருமையான தலைப்பு. How easily she has communicated!
* Another blogger I wanted to meet was Rasanaikari whose Tamil blog is just superb.

I thank both the organizers and the sponsors for a creating a nice opportunity to meet bloggers from the same city of Madras. (BTW, where is Chennai? )

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