Monday, March 08, 2010

Go flat.

I was flatly frustrated (strange expression-eh? Just trying to be poetic) when the dealer from whom we bought the LCD TV informed me that he didn’t have many required accessories for making full use of the flat TV that we bought for a mind boggling price.

What is the use possessing an enviable flat panel LCD TV if we don’t watch movies from high-tech DVD player? Our TV dealer sells only stone age DVD player. And he even doesn’t know what is meant by ‘Peerless stand’! I showed him a picture of it (see below) and his mouth fell open.

I learnt a costly lesson. There is no point in obliging a friend and buy expensive gadgets from an ordinary TV showroom if I can’t buy matching accessories from the same outlet.

A word of sisterly advice:

Know exactly what you want before buying and find out where you can buy everything under one roof.

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