Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The wrinkle cream that also eliminates dark circles.

When people of my age are regular users of a particular wrinkle cream, I have this odd wish to have wrinkles around my eyes. I thought it will give me a look of wisdom. I believed in this concept when I started liking the Tibetan women ever since I was a college student.

They can be found selling sweaters on the streets of Madras during winter. They all have wrinkles around their eyes and it was beautiful when they smiled.

Imagine how I would have reacted when I first came to know about wrinkle creams that are specifically made to remove the wrinkles around the eyes!

And these special wrinkle creams are called ‘eye creams’! They are also said to treat the dark circles. Hmmm… some beauty products manufacturer got wise and thoughtfully addressed the concerns of beauty conscious women.

May be I also should try one of such eye creams to remove the dark eye circles but keep the wrinkles intact.
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