Friday, April 09, 2010

Removed ads and get paid.

What a slogan! "Cancel ads and we will pay you". Someone who cares for the casual onlookers as well as serious browsers, is ready to shell out money to provide ad free browsing.

The concept is very old fashioned but tailored in a new cloth.

You are a web browser. You are terribly upset at distracting ads. You will wish how nice it will be to look at information without any ads in between or on the sides and where else!

You wish is heard by 'Cancel Ads' but you have to pay them some money to do this service. They pass on a part of your contribution to the publishers who are willing to remove ads.

Hey, as a publisher, I must survive-right?

Do you that 69% of the web surfers are willing to pay for ad free browsing?

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