Saturday, April 17, 2010

Save the Delicious.

Digital information cleaning is in fact more essential than physical clutter. We tend to overlook the burden we are dumping on free social bookmarking sites. We are taught that social bookmarking gets us valuable backlinks but I think hardly 10% of the social bookmarking sites pass on link juice.

Deletious-helps us to revisit our bookmarked links in Delicious and we then can decide whether we want to keep the link or delete it. A sort of cleaning our office drawer. I like it and I think, Delicious is feeling the weight of carrying digital info.

Deletious can be logging into using our existing Delicious log in details. Once done, a window opens to show our stored web page. We can simply press a button on the left sidebar to either keep it or delete it.

It may throw up a few surprises. We can find forgotten gems too.

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