Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The ideal place to sell outdoor cushions.

Do you see the background of the cushions? Yes, the backdrop is a beach where colorful outdoor cushions were displayed. I thought it is a brilliant idea to sell them on a beach front.

Last month, I received a pamphlet announcing the sale of outdoor cushion and the pamphlet carried a few pictures of soft cushions. I in fact wanted to buy half a dozen cushions and the ad came at the right time.

I called up the advertiser to ask if I can have a look at more cushions. He then surprised me that he has set up a portable mall at the beach. I appreciated his innovative idea.

My son took me to the sales spot that was very near to the ocean. The vendor had a tough time in keeping the outdoor cushions from flying off in the stiff wind.

The cushions were handmade and a self-help women’s group organized the sale.

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