Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Las Vegas barber led me to gold.

I was lounging in a beauty salon, waiting for my son to come back. Like every salon, there were myriad magazines on beauty, apparel and hair care. Like all waiting parents, I picked up a magazine at random, started filliping through when my eyes told me to stop and read about the odd rules for barbers in Las Vegas.

When I returned to my home, I searched the web about those odd barber rules in Las Vegas. It could make an interesting blog post for one of my blogs.

The search made me land at Ed Shull’s Filthy Lucre, a blog on varied topics. Before I could actually read his blog post on Las Vegas barber, I got attracted to his article on investing in gold. The first few lines about the drawbacks in investing in gold made me sit up and I read further.

I was under the impression that no one needs an education to buy gold coins. How wrong I was! Ed Shull had put forward a few valuable guidelines to consider when buying gold.

Another popular belief is, gold bar is a better option than buying gold coins. However, Ed Shull says that gold bar can be easily counterfeited. I agree with his views on trading in gold futures. There is big money in it but risky to the core.

Now, let me get back to Las Vegas. I must catch with that barber laws.

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