Friday, June 25, 2010

Who use radar detectors?

Somehow, I have forgotten to ask my U.S. based relatives, how the traffic cops in the U.S. intercept a speeding vehicle out of nowhere. Watching them in action in movies, I wondered who gave them tips that a certain vehicle is over speeding.

Only an hour ago, I came to know that radar detectors are used to measure the speed of the vehicle using radio wave.

Is it true that Americans use a radar detector secretly in their vehicle so that they can be aware of their speed being monitored by the traffic cops? While it may not be legal or ethical, I am amused at their wits. They somehow find ways to overcome every other rule-eh?

Just to satisfy my academic interest, I looked in the Internet where these radar detectors are sold openly. Man, what did I find? I ate humble pie.

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