Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why not a pink diamond?

“Don’t look at this rare pink diamond with eyes too close to it Mala; hold it at a distance and look at it to appreciate its fineness”, told the jeweler with a slight ridicule in his voice.
I did not mind it. He taught me something new. To appreciate the quality of a diamond, you need not depend on the certification of a gemologist. Mostly, your family diamond merchant from whom you have been buying diamonds traditionally will tell you how to select an original diamond.
My son’s fiancée wanted a pink diamond studded engagement ring. Her wish took me by surprise. Pink is associated with melancholy. However, I wanted to fulfill her desire and called our family’s diamond seller to my house.
He showed me a rather large pink diamond that perfectly matched the size I had in mind. Without bargaining, I agreed for the price the jeweler asked me.
When I showed it to my husband, I did not forget to remind him the cheap diamond engagement ring he got me 25 years ago.
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