Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Acne will disappear.

* Skin care cosmetics may continue to come out with the best acne products.

* Researchers might publish new papers on complete acne eradication irrespective of age and gender.

* Skin care science might cross new frontiers.

Nevertheless, in my personal opinion, acne cannot be completely prevented from occurrence. I know millions would echo my opinion. Nature has its own way to convey its dominance over man made science.

It is prudent to acknowledge certain natural aging process. These natural changes in our body imply we are healthily growing and aging as per the laws of natures.

I am not saying we shouldn’t treat acne at all. In fact, we have to take action by way taking anti-acne pills, applying home made remedial pastes on the acne and so on. Only, we should not worry too much over it.

Acne will disappear once it has prepared your skin to thwart future attacks.

Isn't she lovely? What a blemish less face!

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