Monday, January 17, 2011

Burning foods.

Obese people visit most of the blogs that speak about fat burning foods and ingredients found in all the fat burners. They constantly seek something new.

This doesn’t imply that fat burning pills have failed them. The basic human tendency is to look for new avenues to cure their maladies.

The majority of the herbs found in fat burners are green tea, garlic, ginger are also available in natural form. Three days before, someone told me that Veldt Grape is also a proven metabolism booster.

Indians use this herb frequently in their food. We make a paste from the flesh of Veldt Grape and add it in our festive food. Ginger is the best of the lot in my opinion. We add it in our tea quite often.

Ah yes, I must mention the African Mango aka Irvingia Gabonesis that is found in new diet pills such as Moyoberry. It is rather cheap with no side effects reported.

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