Friday, January 28, 2011

The colon cleanser that worked.

Even though I did not need a bottle of Colonetix, I accepted it because it was a gift. I promised my brother that I would do some study on the best colon cleansers that work and recommended Colonetix based on its ingredients.

His gift was his positive feedback.

Colonetix contains Fenugreek, by far the best colon-cleaning agent. We use it regularly in our food. The other effective colon cleanser that I know of is the buckwheat fiber. This is now added in the wheat flour I purchase.

Periodical flushing out our colon is necessary after we cross 40. While we may not realize it, our colon walls are coated with fatty scales because of our eating habits.

We either clean our colon with healthy and fiber rich food or continue to eat as ever and take the ready-made colon cleansers available in the market.

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