Saturday, January 15, 2011

A memorable meeting with a catalog printer.

With some difficulty, I was able to convey my need for a catalog to show all my websites and blogs. It is not very easy to convey what is on your mind when it comes to catalog printing-right? How can you tell someone what you have visualized unless you have a few samples to show?

I am in the process of launching 100 websites of e-books, audio books, video tutorials in the Internet marketing area and MRR sites. Don’t you think it is very difficult to show such a big portfolio in your business card?

That is why I decided to print a rather bulky catalog showing thumbnails and URLs of my websites. Brilliant of me-eh?

I saw some good samples online, saved them as images and printed them out. Yesterday, I called up a catalog and brochure printer and told him about my needs with the aid of the printed images of catalogs.

He nodded his head vigorously every time I showed an image. I hope it would be my turn to nod when he brings the finished product.

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