Friday, January 28, 2011

Shall I throw away my pillows too?

Things like situations, people, career and relationship change quickly, rather too quickly and unexpectedly too-right? However, there are certain things that we expect to change or wear out, surprisingly stay intact for long. It is very difficult to part with such things.

I feel sad to leave the entire furniture that was decorated with designer upholstery fabric a year ago. The furnishings look fresh and new because of micro fiber material. Ever since I came to know about Kovi fabrics, I have used their upholstery to furnish all my furniture.

Now, I am going to leave them and move to a new country. We worked out the cost of moving all our belongings and it was too much to bear. We have decided to sell most of our furniture and home appliances at throw away prices.

The only consolation was, I am able to keep a few small pillows that were dressed with high quality designer upholstery from Kovi Fabrics.

Hmmm… that is how the life goes!

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