Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wrist top altimeter, barometer and compass.

A professional blogger for 5 years means I am supposed to have knowledge about almost everything in the world. I did not create this impression but my circle look upon me like that.

During the 4 days holidays that ended on 18th Jan, I vowed not to log on to the internet. However, my son’s colleague who wanted me to find out an all black suunto watch broke my penance. To be very frank, I have not heard about Suunto watch hitherto.

Sighing and cursing the ill-timed quest, I went about the job but surprisingly got all the relevant information in just two minutes. This particular watch also serves as an altimeter, barometer and compass.

My son’s friend was terribly impressed when I sent him a short video clip that demonstrated how to use Suunto Core Outdoor Watch All Black Military.
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