Thursday, February 17, 2011

Video review of Blackberry Torck.

Unusually, the past Sunday was very hectic for me. First, I had to prepare a grand lunch for my sister’s family. I had to clean the house. Before all these boring chores, I had to give final changes to the video review of blackberry torck that I co-produce with another video production professional.

I could have made the video review myself but I did not know much about 3G mobile phones. They have just entered the Indian market. Only one of friends recently bought Blackberry Torch sliding phone.

I arranged for a meeting with him, invited the video producer, and saw a demo of the Blackberry Torch Smart phone. I had a few questions about its OS. I knew that unless I have answers to my questions, I would not do justification to the video review.

I managed to complete this daunting task in 20 minutes. Oh, there is someone at the door! I will post my video review later today in this blog.

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