Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It doesn’t matter where your RV breaks down.

The one and only dependable motor home breakdown service without any mileage restrictions is offered by the Good Sam. If you care to look up in the Internet for stories of gratitude by those who got timely help when their RV broken down, you will only see the name of Good Sam.

As a guest of my friends, I was invited to travel in RV a few times. Once, unexpectedly, the RV refused to oblige the driver’s cajoling. Most of the RV users would not like to be towed back to their starting point or destination whichever is nearer to the breakdown point. They would like to move on.

As an organized person, I had the telephone number of the Good Sam. Their online technical assistance to our driver could not get the huge vehicle to move. After giving the directions to our location, we only had to wait for a few hours before help came.

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