Monday, May 30, 2011

2 best ways to get blog readers from Facebook.

"Only 2 ways Malathy, there are 10 or may be even 12ays to get targeted visitors to your blogs through Facebook"-you might ask.

I agree I too have read those 10 to 12 ways but in my experience, many are redundant. Readers of information are smart these days. Don't assume you are the only smart person because you are a blogger.

You might attract a trickle of fresh visitors but they won't come again because, they landed in your blog from facebook's the other 8 to 10 ways. I give below the best 3 ways to get targeted readers from Facebook.

1 Facebook Groups:
Find Facebook groups on niches of your blog, contribute, make contacts, show genuine interest on others' postings.

2. Facebook Fanpage
By now, you might be wondering why 5 year olds are not taking about Facebook fanpage and how to use it to build your online business. Therefore, you better make an entry into Facebook fanpage today if not yesterday.

If you want to mention more proven ways, please leave your feedback citing your personal experience. Do not please quote others.

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