Sunday, September 04, 2011

Why Hercules Knot ring is the most meaningful gift to your spouse.

What an insightful blog that I just exited reluctantly mainly to write this blog post to share with you what I gathered about promise ring etiquette, Hercules Knot and the real meaning of giving ring as a wedding or engagement gift etc.

Looking back, I feel like a fool having wanted a pair of ear danglers instead of a wedding ring for my wedding from my in-law’s house. I just wanted to show my rebellious nature against tradition. Our forefathers were not fools when they found out the meaning of ring which is symbol of eternity.

Ah, the word ‘promise’ and its various meanings when it was originally coined in the 14th century are truly amazing. Out of the several interpretations for the word ‘promise’ that I read in, I would say ‘say in advance’ is more apt. Think about it by remembering where and when you are using the word ‘promise’.

In addition to these new knowledge, I leant about a wedding knot called ‘Hercules Knot’ that was in vogue in ancient Egypt and Rome. Hercules Knot is said to be the strongest bond of love.

Here is a beautiful Hercules Knot ring that has blue topaz at its center.

Hercules Knot ring
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