Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Capture your own skiing motions with camera ski goggles.

I am glad that my son listened to my advice and bought anti-fog skiing goggles. Originally, he was not inclined to use ski glasses because they tend to fog up. I told him that he can buy anti-fogging ski goggles which seemed to have convinced him. He admitted that he was not aware of this feature.

A year ago, he went to the snowy mountains as a beginner skier. At that time, he only used sun glasses that proved to be inadequate in protecting his eyes. Sun glasses don’t fit snugly while skiing. In addition, their small lenses don’t provide large field vision like ski glasses.

I read somewhere that skiing glasses now come with a built-in camera. Skiers wearing these skiing glasses can capture their own motions easily. This information was late to my son who already bought a pair of basic ski glasses.

I decided to save money to buy him a pair of skiing glasses with camera next year.

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