Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to develop a money making blog.

Today morning, I was forwarded a link in email which when I clicked on, took me to web page that asked me only 30 minutes a day to get a money making blog.

Just 30 minutes a day? Man, I have been slogging for more than 4 hours a day maintaining and updating my 14 blogs and I hardly have a handful of them making money!

Ask me what blog promotion avenues I have not tried. You name and I can fill you in with hours and hours of my experience to promote my blogs.
* Submission to blog directories, RSS feed directories and blogging communities
* Participating in most of the bloggers forum and IM forums
* Guest blogging
* Hosting blog carnivals
* Blog commenting
* Social media marketing

Above all, thus far I have composed more than 5000 blog posts that are 100% unique since I started blogging in 2005!

The one important aspect of blog marketing is writing with high search volume keywords which can guarantee a full time income with just one blog.

I know how to do keyword research. I am just too lazy to apply my knowledge in keyword analysis.
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