Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Video Tutorials teach you how to upload a website.

I am an avid buyer of readymade sites, MRR sites and PLR sites. These sites are also known as ‘turnkey websites’. The big advantage of buying these pre-built sites is you don’t have to do:

· Product Research

· Niche finding

· Create eye catching graphics

However, the disadvantages I faced when I bought them are:

* Creating the sub-domain or sub-directory

* Uploading the site files in my server

* Changing the payment button

Frankly speaking, I used to be dazed and I committed mistakes in truck loads. One day, I saw the offer of teaching me all these cumbersome tasks through video tutorials. Without blinking an eye, I bought them.

I spent several hours watching the FTP video tutorials, took notes, experimented and today, I upload the sites files on to my server like a pro.

Here are the extraordinary video tutorials that teach you all the work related to setting up your websites.Click on the image below to find out more about this video guide or copy and paste this URL in your browser.

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