Monday, December 19, 2011

Every blog is slowly becoming an article directory.

A week before, I received an email from Technorati, Internet's number one blog search engine, asking me to contribute to an ongoing discussion on the basics of blogging.

I have been waiting for such an opportunity as I have some very strong views of what bloggers should not do while blogging. There is a distressing trend about problogging and guest blogging industry.

Misguided by the demands of article marketing, I have read in various places in the blogosphere that even a guest blog post should have a minimum of 400 words. In one particular instant, a very popular blog demands that guest blog posts are accepted with 800 words (minimum).

The very purpose of blogging is defeated. Some of my guest blog posts were rejected because they were written in first person. My God! How ignorant they can be when it comes to the fundamental meaning of a blog.

Every blog is slowly becoming an article directory with banal information that no one is simply interested. Personal touch in blogs is fast disappearing.

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