Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Learn to master Clickbank through video tutorials.

Clickbank-it seems it is another Google that is difficult to understand and master it. Trust me, I have been promoting clickbank products since 2000 but had made only 6 sales so far.

I am also a member of a few other affiliate networks from which I can proudly say I earned more than I expected.

To understand how clickbank works, one can buy any number of e-books and video guides but they would still be inadequate as far as I am concerned. May be I missed something there.

Three days before, I came across a 10 Part video tutorial that promised to take me step by step the complete secrets of the workings of clickbank. The steps include how to sell your own digital information product in clickbank, how to capitalize the experts affiliates’ experience in making you money and so on.

Have you had a chance to use it?

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