Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The most profitable blog monetization.

The most profitable blog monetization.

There may be differences of opinion but I would like to emphasize that affiliate marketing is the most profitable blog monetization strategy. This is applicable for those who don't have their own digital information products which is of course anytime more profitable than promoting others' products.

My next argument is, I don't prefer to put my efforts in promoting clickbank products because the reward is not instant when you make a sale. I have about $50 in my clickbank account for two sales I made 7 months back. Clickbank has its own rules to release payments.

So, what I prefer?

Instant PayPal Commissions:
I have joined several affiliate program network that pay the commission instantly into my PayPal account as soon as the sale is generated. In fact, the commissions are mostly 100%.

High Paying affiliate programs:
If I come to know of any hot selling product, I check to see whether it is in the database of high paying affiliate programs. If it satisfies my metrics, then, I think of ways to promote it.

Less profitable ways of making money by blogging.
Selling ad space in your blog is the easiest method to earn good money by blogging.
PPC advertising is the least profitable way to monetize your blogs.

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