Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A chocolate flavored gummi bear?

I could not believe it! The worlds largest gummi bear looked exactly the same that I saw in an online shopping catalogue. I have tasted gummi bear long time ago and since then, I wanted to buy a giant gummi bear and that too, a blue raspberry flavored one.

My husband took one long look at it and asked me why these jelly candies are always shaped as bears; why not a gummi elephant or a gummi lion. I scorned his stupid and pointless question and told him just to enjoy the rubbery sweet and not to let out his weird imaginations.

Frankly speaking, I too love small, multi colored gummi bears shaped like different animals. If you put them in a white ceramic bowl and keep it on the dining table always, your dining table would wear an instant rich look.

Has anyone ever tasted a chocolate flavored gummi bear?

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