Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Helmet with Bluetooth headset.

A small crowd gathered around a sparkling Harley Davidson motorcycle. Their gaping mouth indicated their blatant admiration of the machine. The owner of the motorcycle, a middle aged woman was beaming when she explained the various features of the two-wheeler.

There was a loud gasp when she showed the bluetooth motorcycle helmet, a unique concept in wireless and hands-free communication. Majority of us don’t know who invented Bluetooth concept and why it was thus named but, we are truly grateful for him for giving us such a pleasure of talking through a phone hands-free while moving on a vehicle or even while walking.

Bluetooth headsets are not new to us. We have been using them to listen to music while moving but helmets fitted with Bluetooth headset is definitely new and is very convenient to riders.

If helmet is compulsory, then, a helmet with wireless communication device is also mandatory.
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