Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why small businessmen should have a blog?

Why blogging is valuable to business?

When it comes to doing business worldwide, I would say Indians are still traveling in bullock cart. Majority of small businessmen are totally oblivious to the opportunities presented by the Internet. With just one free blog, small businessmen can open their business to the whole world!

Recently, I received an advertising option from Google. Along with it, there was a newsletter in which why owning a website is essential for businessmen was briefly explained. Here is its gist:
* Business is open for 24/7
* Showcase your products and services to the world
* Get found by potential customers who are exactly looking for your products or services
* Standout distinctly from competitors
* With almost no money, advertise your business to the global customers in the quickest time

See, all the above salient features emphasize clearly why and how doing business online can help you grow to unlimited opportunities.

I was driving these points to a real estate broker in Coimbatore. I am sure my words did not sink in because he simply was not open to grow his business.

He is not alone dear. Thousands of small business owners in India are simply lazy and not willing to explore new horizons but at the same expect to become rich beyond their means.

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