Sunday, June 03, 2012

How Linkedin increased my blog traffic?

In spite of joining several years before, I never bothered to explore it. 4 days before was a free day. I plunged into linkedin and came out fully loaded with exciting information.

Linkedin offers extraordinary potential to promote one's online business. If you carefully create your profile, it would attract several clicks.

Browse through hundreds of groups related to your business, join them and establish connection with targeted customers and similar businessmen. Unlike Facebook, majority of the group members are very knowledgeable.  Facebook to me is more for casual socializing whereas Linkedin provides great opportunity for professionals to increase visibility of their online presence.

Promoting your blogs is much easier in linkedin. Search for bloggers in the same niche as yours, connect with them send a message to them, participate in discussions of the groups you have joined with a signature to your blog URL are some of the ways to promote your blogs.

Personally I found replying to discussions in the groups that I have joined and sending private message to group members established me as someone with knowledge in the topic.

Some groups have several thousand members. Imagine the exposure your blogs can get when join such groups.

You can share your blog post URLs to your Linkedin profile and cross post them to the relevant groups you have joined.

Linkedin gets you a lovely profile badge that you can display on your blogs.
Below is my Linkedin profile badge.

View Malathy Badri's profile on LinkedIn
Click on itand you will land on my Linkedin profile page that shows links to my website and blogs, groups that I have joined etc.

If you join Linkedin, please add me to your network. It would help strengthen my social signals.
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