Sunday, September 30, 2012

Does pinging your blog post generate traffic?

Here is a little bit of information compiled after research about blog pinging, one of the ways which supposedly gets your site listed and ranked higher quicker. When your blog post is placed at the top of search results, you naturally get more traffic.
What is blog pinging
At the outset, let me explain what pinging is.  It is a way to let the various search engines know you’re your blog is just updated with fresh content. It is known fact that search engines like blogs because of frequent content updates. When you ping your just updated blog, search engines will quickly send their spiders and the indexing happen soon.

Bloggers who are new to the blogosphere ask me whether pinging really get your site noticed. I say yes.

 I have tested the theory several times in the past by manually going to  and inserting the blog post URL aka permalink.  Pin my blog notifies my ping to several large pinging sites.

When I tracked the visitors through Google Analytics, I saw some of the traffic is coming from search engines and also a lot of spider activity can was on the blog.

My advice is to test yourself and conclude. Don’t use more than one ping site as the site notifies several pinging sites automatically.
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