Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why bloggers are struggling to make money.

I don't know why bloggers are struggling to make money. Wait! I am only addressing those who have talked to me that their blogs are not fetching them not even a $100 per month. I know it is possible but it certainly requires hell of a lot of learning and work.

I have offered a simple solution to many budding bloggers who aspire to earn a full time income from blogging. They can just buy a readymade blog that looks absolutely professional and can fetch them money in U.S. dollars in three ways.

Pre-built readymade PLR blogs are sold on various niches and all you have to do is re-write the PLR artcles that are loaded in the blogs and start promoting! I think the promotion part of it seems to hold them.

Blogging pays but if people are not interested in blog promotion work, then, they can look elsewhere to earn; Internet is not the right place for them.

If this makes some sense and if you made up your mind to buy a ready-made blog on a hot niche, please read this blog post titled, "Readymade paid surveys niche blog for sale."
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