Thursday, January 03, 2013

Linkedin groups for bloggers.

I thought I would explore Linkedin for ways to promote my blogs. I first wanted to promote this blog and browsed through Linkedin groups exclusively for bloggers.

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I found a handful, requested to join about 7 groups and got admitted in 4. The remaining 3 groups are yet to approve my joining request. If you view my Linkedin profile by clicking on the image above, you can see the Linkedin groups I have joined.

I heard a lot about members of Linkedin groups and their active participation. I found out to be true but 90% of the participation was one way. Everyone wanted to just post links to their blog posts but the interactiveness is definitely missing.

I foresee most of the bloggers groups would meet the inevitable end similar to Google groups.

BTW, do you want to learn how to use Linkedin to promote your websites and blogs?

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