Sunday, February 10, 2013

A blog directory and blogging community for Indians.

I received an intimation from Linkedin that said someone wanted me to accept his invitation to join his linkedin network. As usual, I first clicked on his (Vijay) profile, came to know about his blog directory for Indians.

I took a quick glance at and was very much impressed with the site. I accepted his invitation and sent a message to him that I liked his site and would try to promote it in my blog. So, here I am fulfilling my promise.

The Blog Bee (still in Beta) is more than a directory of blogs. The site looks pretty good and submission of blog, verifying it are easy.

What you can do in Blog Bee.

* Submit your blog under various category
* Submit your blog post URL
* Pickup friends from members
* Invite your friends
* Participate in the forum
* Your submitted blog posts can be automatically posted in your Facebook and Twitter
* You can tweet others' post and Facebook 'like' it.
* Search blogs by city and by category
* Suggest a category

My observation
*The FAQ is found her 'Guest posts' tab.
* When I searched for blogs under 'fashion' category my blog was not shown as listed.(I submitted under 'Fashion' category though I was also able to suggest 'Beauty and Makeup' category while doing the submission.
* The site's home page shows a slide show. It doesn't stop after the three slides and starts again. It is a bit annoying.
* There are only 23 members as on date. Since the site is young, it is understandable. Considering its usefulness, members should actively contribute towards it promotion.
* The site is a bit slow in loading.
* While updating the profile, the site is making the address fields compulsory which would not be filled up by all. Consequently, I was not able to say anything 'About me'.

Please join Blog Bee and spread the word. If you have time, share this blog post URL in your social media sites such Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest etc.
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