Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Blogger friendly content creation tool.

Some of the most useful tools to bloggers are not known to all because of poor popularity. Bloggers like me contribute a lot in such cases. Here, I am going to introduce a new tool to you called ‘Inbound Writer’. It is both a free and paid tool. Like most tools that offer both the versions, you are bound by certain limitations while using the free version.

How InboundWriter works?

InboundWriter is a fantastic blogging tool. Bloggers continually look for ways for optimum optimization of their blog content. IW helps you achieve this by optimizing your blog content so that, your blog posts continue to get organic traffic in the long run.

This is done through a user friendly web-based editng tool.  Simply copy and paste your blog post content into the editor, identify focus keywords, and the tool gives you some score with a maximum of 100. Naturally, the lower the score, the poorer the search engine optimization of your blog post.

Additionally, you can see how you are faring against competing blog content using the above method. If you take actions  by making the suggested changes to your content, the score will go up. 

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