Sunday, March 10, 2013

List of giveaway sites.

One of the most effective Internet marketing method is to giveaway something free. You get 100% targeted visitors provided you advertise your giveaways and sweepstakes properly and in appropriate giveaway sites.

I know not many bloggers are tapping this fantastic blog promotion avenue and I am no exception. It is mainly due to finding nothing worthwhile to giveaway. I intend to compile a list of digital information stuff to giveaway.

Meanwhile, I have compiled a few links that provide a list of websites where you can advertise your giveaways. They can also be used by those who are for ever looking for something free.  (The above image belongs to this site)

I am sure you would have your hands full with these sites to announce your free giveaways. Please share this blog post with your social media friends.

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