Sunday, March 03, 2013

One stop flute shop for flautists of all levels.

I listened to the aged Nepali without being aware of my open mouth.  First, the music from his traditional bamboo flute enthralled me. Seeing my frank admiration, he lapsed into a prolonged talk about the history of flutes, the various types of flutes that match different types of orchestras, when metallic flutes came into being, how you can save on yamaha flute, where a beginner can buy Yamaha flutes cheaply and so on.

The aged man from Nepal is the security guard for our apartment complex. He is given a quarters to live in with his wife. 
He learnt to play flute on his own. Though he has wide knowledge about different flutes, he stayed loyal to the traditional wind instrument made of high quality Nepal bamboo.

He kindly permitted me to try his equally old flute. However, nothing came of it; I mean no sound came from it except a hiss.
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