Sunday, March 17, 2013

Photography bloggers hired.

A very close of friend of mine alerted me long ago that he is going to make career of his photography talent by launching his photography blog. However, I have never heard after that declaration. In this blog, I keep writing about professional blogging opportunities that I come across and some of my earlier blog posts would have covered the subject line.

Here is one more lead to my friend and all others who are looking to capitalize their photo capturing skills and make some money off their expensive cameras.

Savage Universal Corporation is on the hunt for a photographer with superb writing and editing skills. The person hired would be contribution to the company's blog.

Savage Universal Corporation  has been manufacturing photography related products for the past 60 years. .

I quote from their ad:
"We are looking for original, well-written blog posts that will engage readers with insight and valuable information relating to photography techniques, tips & tricks and our studio equipment......"

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