Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Ambi Pur IndiBlogger Chennai meet

Ah, here it is, the exciting IndiBlogger meet in Chennai. The grand event is sponsored by Ambi Pur, car and home perfumes.

The event brings together a big bunch of bloggers from Chennai and also from a few other cities. I have been a regular participant of IndiBlogger events in Chennai. This is my fourth blogger meet.

I am really looking to forward to meet some of my blogger pals, especially Anwin Joselyn, Rajkumar and Nirmala Santhakumar.

Since the event is sponsored, I wanted to look up at their website. I am surprised IndiBlogger did not give the sponsor's URL. When I visited Ambi Pur's website located at, I found it odd because the name of the URL.

There were four car perfumes displayed plus a navigation button's presence indicated there are more than four. However, there was no way I could click on the navigation button.

I don't understand why Ambi Pur insists on providing a mobile phone number while registering with them.  It is unheard of. This would certainly desist majority of the online buyers.

The products descriptions were not informative. After got redirected to another URL, I pressed the 'buy' button but noticed the 'over 10%' shipping charges that made me exit the shopping cart.

May be there would be a stall at the venue Hyatt Regency and I can buy free of shipping charges. I hope I won't be asked to furnish my mobile number.

This is my 'not-so-pleasant' experience of using the Ambi Pur website.

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