Sunday, August 04, 2013

What to do after publishing a blog post-part 3-social profile exchange

social media profile exchange
Now, you might have wished to know more of such sites similar to Just Retweet to take your blog marketing to the next level of social marketing. I know of several sites that we can use to improve our Klout score. I have tested a few of them but did not really focus on them. Just Retweet itself was sufficient to me and I am glad I focused on it.

Nevertheless, to cater to a large number of blog marketers, I give below the sites that would certainly help you increase the social media signals to your blogs, Facebook pages and G+ communities. All these social media exchange programs are free to join and you get some free credits when you signup.

The other day, one of my blogging trainees wanted to know whether he can strengthen his social signals from several other social networking sites that include, Stumbleupon, YouTube, Delicious, Soundcloud, Pinterest and so on by participating in sites similar to Just Retweet.

Yes, there are sites that have included the above social networking sites.
1.       SocialClerks Earn credit to follow twitter, retweet , like FB, add circles in G+ etc and redeem the credit to increase your social signal.
2.       Easy Retweet . You can increase your Twitter followers, tweet and retweet to earn credits and use them scored points to get your twitter messages shared by many. In addition, you can also read articles of others and tweet them and earn 100 points to tweet your likes.
3.       You Plus Like offers more options; I mean more social media sites for us to exchange followers, ‘likes’ etc.  Some of the additions are ‘Linkedin’ shares, Vimeo views, Diggs, and Reverbnation fans.
4.       Add me Fast  It reports a user base of 1.5 million from as many as 220 countries! That is pretty impressive provided all are equally active. Addmefast can get you Facebook likes, Facebook subcriptions, Google circles, Google +1 , Twitter followers, YouTube views , YouTube channel subscription, YouTube Video likes , Pinterest followers, Soundcloud music listening, Digg followers, StumbleUpon followers and Website hits . I read that Instagram photo likes is also added.
5.       Kwk Like too offers Digg exchange from the usual Twitter, Facebook and Google +.
6.       Love This  An attractive site but it seems it lacks patronage.
7.       SocialMedia Explode  The surprise additions in this site are MY Space friends and Facebook photo likes.
8.       InetJunkie  Looks like a big player in social exchange industry. Apart from all the top social media sites, you can find ‘Text Link’ exchange and Banner exchange too.

I just found a big resource for social profile exchange sites. It has listed a big list of them. Visit
I am sure you are going to get busy. By next week, your Klout score would have increased considerably.

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